Emit shadow events for any smart contract

Shadow is a developer platform that gives you full control over onchain event data for any contract.
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What is a shadow event?

ˈsha-(ˌ)dō    i-ˈvent   /   compound noun
A gasless custom event logged on an isolated fork, generated from live mainnet transactions.

Do more with event logs

Shadow gives you full control to emit events for any contract, exactly the way you want them. No constraints.
01 Fork

Spin up a Shadow fork

Generate a long-running, isolated fork of mainnet in one-click.
Fully hosted infrastructure for high performance nodes
Realtime mainnet transaction replay
Fast data fetch via a standard node RPC URL
Automatic handling of mainnet re-orgs and uncles
02 Define

Define your shadow events

Create custom event schemas for any live contract on mainnet.
Write custom events in standard Solidity or Vyper code
Full control over schema definition and parameter naming
Easily unify schemas across similar protocols for standardization
Instant frontfills, full backfills in less than 10 minutes
03 Emit

Emit events how you want

Emit your shadow events where and when you want them by editing contracts in your Shadow fork.
Access any state data on mainnet (even from other contracts)
Call any contract view function directly in emits
Point-in-time prices via oracles with transaction level accuracy
Handle decimals, token, and collection information without joins

Access your data any way you want

Make RPC calls. Sync or stream to a database. Create webhooks. Get ready-to-use subgraph APIs.

Discover what's possible with Shadow

Shadow gives you superpowers to expand what you can do with onchain event data.
Get early access
Protocol engineers
Web3 applications
Onchain analysts
MEV searchers
Subgraph creators
Build a complete logging suite
Emit private shadow logs to monitor, test, debug, and run analysis on contracts.
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Build a custom indexer
Reduce unnecessary joins and speed up indexing pipelines by emitting richer event data.
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Build a custom subgraph
Fast, reliable, fully hosted subgraph APIs. No more messing with YAML files and AssemblyScript.
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Supercharge onchain analysis
Get event data that was previously inaccessible. Export to your data tool of choice.
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Insert gasless custom event logs into any smart contract.